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Story from a Mom in a Crisis Pregnancy

I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant like it was yesterday, which is saying a lot because I don’t have the greatest memory in the world! I remember the fear as I waited for the pregnancy test results, telling myself over and over it wasn’t REALLY happening and that I was

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Making Decisions Afraid

We’ve all been there. Caught in a situation where a choice needs to be made and fear tries to grip for control over the outcome. There is urgency in these moments to make a choice out of fear. We must fight against the urge to make rash pregnancy decisions. What can we do to ensure

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Men, You Count!

If you could name one person who made the most impact in your life, who would it be? I would venture to guess most of you would say your father, grandfather, an uncle or someone who was a father figure to you. There are many people, I’m sure, who have supported you through your life.

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