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Circumstances Change

I don’t want this baby. That was my thought as I sat on my bed crying. After another night of nausea coupled with pregnancy-induced insomnia, I knew that getting pregnant had been a mistake. But there was nothing I could do about it now. Just suffer from pregnancy difficulties. My husband knew that pregnancy was difficult

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I Took the Abortion Pill

My heart dropped as I gazed down at the results of the pregnancy test still in my hand. I was almost a week away from missing my period, but I just knew something wasn’t right. I brought the test to my fiancé, and neither of us could believe that I was pregnant. The question that

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What to Expect During My Appointment

Making that first step into a pregnancy center can be a little overwhelming. You may not know what to expect at a pregnancy center.  We know! You may have thoughts like: What if I really am pregnant?What will I do next?Will these people judge me? The truth is, many of the staff working in pregnancy centers have

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