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There are many reasons to choose adoption.

Maybe you know in your heart that taking care of your baby will be hard…there isn’t enough money, time or help. Maybe your situation isn’t stable or wouldn’t be the best environment for a child. Maybe you’re curious and just want to know more about this option. Whatever you’re feeling, our experienced Client Consultants will help you explore the possibilities available to you.

Ask Yourself:

What is important to me in how my child is raised? Am I ready to be the kind of parent I want for my child? What would it take for me to be ready?

Adoption Is a Parenting Choice.

It is a decision to choose parents for your child that will both love and provide for your child. It is not a selfish decision, but one that puts the needs of your child first. It is possible to make a plan that includes continued involvement in your child’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I be Helped Financially?

There is no cost to you for adoption. This center can provide you with a referral to several agencies that will help you free of charge. Many agencies will work with the adoptive parents to pay for all your pregnancy and living related expenses as well.

Can I Choose a Family for My Baby?

Yes! Most agencies have many different families you can choose from. There are additional options such as choosing a friend or someone who has been recommended to you.

Tell Me More About Open Adoption

With an open adoption plan you are able to:

  • Meet potential adoptive families
  • Exchange information with the adoptive family
  • Have direct communication with the adoptive family
  • Receive pictures and updates of your child
  • Visit with your child by agreement of adoptive family

How Much Will My Child Know About Me?

That depends on what type of adoption you choose…open or confidential. Also your agency will encourage you to provide your complete medical and social history to your child, no matter what type of adoption you choose.

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