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Post Abortive Healing Groups

Repairing His Story is a male-led five-session bible study for men who have been affected or involved in an abortion decision. Your body is God's temple. Repairing damage to your spiritual and mental health is part of your responsibility as a "temple" owner. Like any home improvement project, this process may involve a little work, a little sweat, and a little pain, but it's worth it! This bible study was written specifically for men, based on multiple years of experience with post-abortive men. This study uses the grief cycle as a structure and focusing on the names of God that reveal His character and desire to heal us. This study examines denial, bargaining, anger, forgiveness and resolution. You are courageous to seek healing, you can begin the process of repairing and recovering.

For more information email: REPAIRINGHISSTORY@HEARTBEATS.ORG, group is forming now for April.


Connection Meetings for Women

Connection Meetings, an introduction to Surrendering the Secret, are for women who have experienced loss through abortion. Support groups provide a safe, confidential, compassionate, non-judgmental place for women to begin the process of healing after abortion.

When: Thursday, April 26th @ 7:15 pm*

Where:  Heartbeats Newark, 336 East Main Street
      Contact Melissa at msantiago@heartbeats.org or call her at 740-349-7558 x204

Heartbeats Zanesville, 216 Hazlett Court
      Contact Kami at kami@heartbeats.org or call her at 740-450-5437 x205

*Connection meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of most months. No RSVP required, contact the above numbers or emails for more information.

Our next Surrending the Secret group is forming now!



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