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James & Victoria had recently found out they were expecting their first child when we first met them. They were scared, overwhelmed and not sure what to do. Victoria was a full-time college student and only 19 years old while James was hoping to enroll in college soon and was in his early 20’s.

Nothing can completely prepare you for the initial surprise of finding out you are expecting a child, even when circumstances are favorable. Your emotions are all over the place and that is normal. The responsibility of taking care of a helpless infant is a huge weight on your shoulders.

James and Victoria didn’t know where to start. They were scared and unprepared, but they found Heartbeats and we were able to come along side of them during their journey and help and encourage them. It was scary for them to take that step to meet with us and discuss what lies ahead. James was skeptical and uncertain that coming to Heartbeats would be a benefit. Because they had a child out of wedlock, they thought they would be judged and condemned. What they found though was complete love and acceptance.

Due to lack of life experience they had many fears facing them. We were able to help with parenting education and financial needs in the form of diapers and other needed baby items. The couple worked at setting goals and taking steps to meet those goals.

James had recently lost his parents and didn’t have a strong support system. He felt inadequate and anxious. Heartbeats helped to dispel the fear of becoming a new dad and gave him the support he needed during a time of great loss.

The good news is we can help you too. Clients can earn points to use toward material resources through our parenting program. We have people who have been where you are and can guide you as you become a new parent. When you visit Heartbeats you will be welcomed and feel at home. You will also build lasting relationships when you become involved with us. We care about you and want to help.

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