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'Love is in the house'* and we want women and men to know it before we even say hello!

Over the years, the building at 336 East Main in Newark has housed many businesses from a Lawson’s dairy to an auto garage. It’s time for the outside of the Newark Center to reflect the hope and help that is waiting on the inside! Our facade update starts now, making our presence in the community more welcoming...and the building safer and more energy-efficient.

We invite you to be part of this exciting project through prayer, donations, and labor

Pray for:

  1.  The safety and comfort of our clients as we make these improvements.
  2.  The protection of our builder, The Covenant Group, and all those involved in the project.
  3.  Material provision so that this project is done with excellence at the best possible cost.


Dollars: Click on the green “Donate” button.  Choose “Building Fund” in the drop-down window under “Account Information.”  Without any material donations, we anticipate this overall upgrade will cost $30,000.  Gift cards to Lowes and Home Depot work too!

Materials or Professional Construction/ Interior Finish Skills: Please send us an email at info@heartbeats.org and we will connect you with The Covenant Group for details.

We need:


  • 15- 10' studs
  • 10-10' hdrs over/under windows


  • 2-12' over box window
  • 4-8' over windows


  • 10--9'-0" long
  • 30--10'-0" long miscellaneous

7/16" OSB sheathing

  • 8-4'x10' pieces

house wrap--600 sf

R19 insualtion- 350 sf

Blow in insulation- 30 sf

5/8" OSB sheathing

  • 4-- 4' x 10' pcs

5/ 8" clear plywood- 4--4'x10' sheets

15# felt- 400 sf

Shingles-4 squares

Vinyl Siding-- 6 squares

Vinyl Soffit

  • 85 lf 12" wide
  • 24 sf ceiling in entry


  • 2- 3' x 7' doors
  • 4- 20" x 7' panels

Vinyl Windows--7 -3048 fixed

3/4" finish plywood

  • 1- 4'x12' piece

Gutter---16 lf

Downspouts 1--10' piece

1x 6 cedar trim

  • 2-24' at eave
  • 2-10' at box window
  • 2-6' at entrance
  • 1-18' at overhang
  • 1-18' at eaves

Paint--600 sf

Drywall--600 sf

Vinyl base--50 lf


Quarry tile--50 sf

Synthetic stone--75 sf


  • 30 sf sidewalk
  • 1 cy footings

2 steel columns (house jacks)--8'-0" long

Hollow metal door, frame, hardware

VCT in hallways-- 500 sf

Shelf at Reception

Window in Reception

Window in door to Boutique

Reverse door swing in Boutique


*Toby Mac-Love Is In The House-MetroLyrics


Needs and Dreams...can you help? 

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