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If you think you are pregnant or have concerns click here. 24 Hour Helpline: 1-800-712-HELP


  • Complete love, compassion, non-judgmental atmosphere.
  • I will suggest for anyone to go through this program. It was beyond my expectations.  The homework really makes you think and dig a little deeper.  I received breakthrough in so many areas, even in areas I didn’t know I needed.

Surrendering the Secret Connection Meeting

When:  *4th Thursdays of the month at 7:15 pm.

Where: Heartbeats Newark, 336 E. Main St.

These connection meetings are for women who have a shared abortion experience to connect with each other and discuss how they can find hope and forgiveness. These support groups provide a safe, confidential, compassionate, non‐ judgmental place for women to begin the process of healing after abortion.

*Connection meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of most months - contact 740-349-7558 ext 205 or email jwick@heartbeats.org for complete information.


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