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If you think you are pregnant or have concerns click here. 24 Hour Helpline: 1-800-712-HELP

Zanesville Heroes for LIFE Walk 2016

Walk 2016 Walk 2016

Thanks to everyone who made our Zanesville Heroes for Life Walk a huge success! Thank you to Linka Conkle at American Ear and Marczewski Law Offices Zanesville.

Bottles for LifeBottles for LIfe

We thank the many churches and groups who participate in "Bottles for Life" each year. You help provide the funding necessary to provide "proof of life" through ultrasound. One family filled a baby bottle to overflowing with $1.00 coins!

If you are interested in hosting a campaign with your church or group, please contact Linda at 740‐349‐7558 ext 213.





Surrendering the Secret Connection Meeting

When:  *4th Thursdays of the month at 7:15 pm.

Where: Heartbeats Newark, 336 E. Main St.

These connection meetings are for individuals who have a shared abortion experience to connect with each other and discuss how they can find hope and forgiveness. These support groups provide a safe, confidential, compassionate, non‐ judgmental place for individuals to begin the process of healing after abortion.

*Meetings are most Thursdays of every month - contact 740‐349‐7558 ext 205 or email jwick@heartbeats.org for complete information.


Needs and Dreams...can you help? 

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