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Making that first step into a pregnancy center can be a little overwhelming. You may not know what to expect at a pregnancy center.  We know! You may have thoughts like:

What if I really am pregnant?
What will I do next?
Will these people judge me?

The truth is, many of the staff working in pregnancy centers have been right where you are. Of course, your situation is unique. No two stories are exactly the same, but you will be met with understanding and compassion. You will also receive respect for your confidentiality and privacy. So, please keep reading to learn more about what will happen during your appointment and then call 740-349-7558 (Newark) or 740-450-5437 (Zanesville) to schedule.

Pregnancy Testing

We provide a lab-grade urine pregnancy test with over 99% accuracy at no cost to any woman who is wondering if she is pregnant. During your pregnancy test appointment, you will meet with a Client Consultant and a Nurse who will help process the results of your test with you, encourage you and provide you with education and resources. A “Verification of Positive Pregnancy Test” form will be given to positive test clients to be used for insurance or other needs. You will also be offered pre-natal vitamins.


Ultrasounds are provided at no cost on a limited basis, as well as referrals to local physicians. Ultrasound provides important information including whether or not the pregnancy is viable, the approximate gestational age of your pregnancy, the location of your pregnancy, and your estimated due date. A nurse trained in ultrasound will perform your ultrasound and ensure you have understanding throughout the procedure of all that is happening. She will also explain what your ultrasound reveals and provide you with ultrasound images.

Pregnancy Options Consultation

An unplanned pregnancy can raise a lot of questions and concerns for you. Our trained Client Consultants are equipped to help discuss your pregnancy options with you and answer questions. While we don’t recommend or refer for abortion services, we have accurate information about procedures, side-effects and alternatives to share with you. Our goal is to empower you to make an informed decision regarding your pregnancy.

At Heartbeats, we are committed to providing you with the care and support you need to navigate your pregnancy, whether it is planned or unplanned. You are not alone. To schedule an appointment, call 740-349-7558 (Newark) or 740-450-5437 (Zanesville) or click here to request an appointment time.

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