Post-Abortive Healing Groups

Hurting from a past abortion? You are not alone!

1 in 4 women of child-bearing age have had an abortion.

Without question, abortion can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a woman’s life. Women and men who have gone through an abortion often experience guilt, sadness, and anger following their decision. Studies show that 80% of post-abortive women experience some of the following symptoms:

  • 92% experience emotional deadening
  • 86% feet an increased tendency toward anger or rage & fear of others learning of the abortion
  • 82% experience intense feelings of loneliness or isolation
  • 75% report less self-confidence
  • 73% report some sexual dysfunction
  • 63% experience denial, the average period of denial was 5.25 years
  • 58% suffer from insomnia or nightmares
  • 56% experience suicidal feelings
  • 53% increase or begin using drugs/alcohol to deaden the pain
  • 39% report eating disorders that began after the abortion

*The Post Abortion Review Fall 1994 (Published by Elliott Institute, Springfield IL II)

Healing is available and possible for you, and we want to support you. We have support groups available in our Newark and Zanesville locations. Call Melissa at 740-349-7558 x204 or email, all information is confidential.

We would love to connect with you and share about our upcoming Surrendering the Secret. This is an 8-week Bible study where we will take the journey back to understand where we came from, address our anger, learn to forgive, and embrace our grief so that we can have true healing and begin to live the life that God intended for us to live.

Hear what others have had to say about Surrendering the Secret:

“Although our life experiences were different and the circumstances surrounding our decision to abort our children were different, we were all in need of the same thing.  We were all women who were in need of a chance to share our struggles, and experience the healing and forgiveness God promises for each of us.”

“I entered the study thinking I had dealt with most aspects of my abortion through the years. Through the group, I realized that I was still hiding some of my feelings.  I found anger that I didn’t know I had – anger at myself, anger for destroying the life of my child.  I don’t feel that anymore.  I heard God’s word in a whole new way, I have forgiven myself; I don’t hate myself any longer.”

“I would highly recommend this for anyone who has had an abortion; I didn’t realize how much guilt and regret I had built up in me. I felt so alone coming into the group and to see and hear others share their stories and offer support was so comforting. The relationships I made will hopefully last a lifetime!!”

Post Abortive Men’s Group:

Men are also impacted by abortion and are the hidden partner in every abortion decision. Some are involved in the decision, some opposed, and some were neutral, leaving the decision to the woman. Men describe their feelings after an abortion as:

Rage or anger

Masculine: There is a sense that one could not protect the sexual partner or offspring. This can be incapacitating, causing the male partner to dwell on this and to feel helpless.

Inability to communicate with their partner about her experience and theirs: Communication patterns can break down because of differential patterns of coping and grieving. One partner might be struggling and the other partner coping. Communication patterns such as “why don’t you just get over it?” may emerge but are not helpful.

Chemical use and abuse (excessive alcohol or drug use)

Risk taking behaviors: Such as driving fast cars or motorcycles, breaking horses, jumping out of airplanes, or other death defying activities. (Fathers who opposed the abortion may verge on being suicidal themselves.)

Grieving and sadness

Obsessive thoughts of the lost child

Nightmares of someone/something vulnerable being threatened and being unable to protect it

*Vincent Rue and Cynthia Tellefsen, “The Effects of Abortion on Men,” Ethics and Medics 21, 1996.

We will be offering a confidential men’s 6-week group in September, email for more information.

Hear what others had to say about Repairing His Story:

“Excellent, thought-provoking. Dug deep, especially for those of us who never dealt with our abortion experience.”

“The materials really helped me go back and have a better understanding.”