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Bottles for Life...a simple act with great impact!

Bottles For LifeEvery day, women and men in our community are making life and death decisions for their pre-born child. Your filled Bottles help provide the hope and help moms and dads need to choose life and make good decisions for the health of their baby.  Bottles for Life are the primary funding for:

  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Free limited ultrasounds
  • Free 6 month supply of prenatal vitamins

Heartbeats also provides accurate information about abortion and its consequences, pregnancy, adoption, and parenting; one-on-one mentoring; grief recovery from the death of a child through abortion or miscarriage; and maternity and baby items through an Earn-While-You-Learn format.

We do not receive any government funds and rely upon the generous support of our community.

Ideal for churches, businesses, schools, and civic organizations.  The littlest toddler to the most seasoned giver can participate!

It’s Simple!

Heartbeats provides:

  • Empty baby bottles to distribute
  • Master copy of an announcement that can be used as an insert or handout
  • Three-minute video providing inspiration to defend the life of the pre-born

Your group:

  • Distributes the baby bottles provided by Heartbeats. 
  • Fills the bottles with coins, bills, or checks and return to your collection site at the time you designate.
  • Returns all bottles to Heartbeats.  No need to count the contents of the bottles…we take care of that. 

We’ll send you a certificate with the total you raised to help you celebrate the great impact you have made.  (Amounts given by check will be acknowledged by individual receipt. Coins and bills will be acknowledged as part of the total contribution by your group.)



Anytime! Many groups host a campaign in the spring. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are also popular starting or ending days.  January is “Sanctity of Human Life Month” and October is “Respect Life Month” nationally.  Anytime that works for your calendar is a good time.

Give us a call 740-349-7558 or send us an email info@heartbeats.org  We’ll get you scheduled.


Thank you to all who helped bring hope and help through Bottles last year.

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Make A Difference! You can help us save babies and help families.