Relationships Under Construction

Since 1994, Heartbeats has provided a risk-avoidance approach for sexual health in the public schools.  This is commonly called abstinence until marriage education.  We estimate we have impacted over 75,000 students.  Teen birth rates are down 36% and teen abortion rates are down 35% in Ohio and Licking County.  In spite of strong evidence, funding at the state and federal levels has been given to "comprehensive" contraceptive-based prevention sex education programs.

3300 students in 18 school districts were impacted with our 5 day whole person sexual health and relationship education curriculum called "Relationships Under Construction."  It is a trademarked curriculum that teaches youth the blueprint for building strong future families.  It is medically accurate and age appropriate.  It informs students of the physical, mental emotional, social and spiritual benefits of abstaining from sexual activity. We have two male and three female educators teaching students about sexually transmitted infections, relationship skills, setting life goals, dating boundaries and recognizing domestic and dating violence.  We served various youth groups and also spoke to adults.

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