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Heartbeats Impacts GenerationsKayla and her mom, Cindy recently came to Heartbeats for Kayla’s ultrasound, but this wasn’t the first encounter with Heartbeats for Kayla. Kayla came to Heartbeats as an infant with her mom! Cindy shared that Heartbeats was "my rescue place" 21 years ago. "I had been kicked out of my house when I got pregnant at age 15 because I chose not to have an abortion. I was living on the streets and living a wild life. When Kayla was born I decided to make some changes in my life. My mom took me back in and I started going to Heartbeats. I didn’t know anything about being a mom so I took all the classes Heartbeats offered and was able to get clothing for Kayla. I married Kayla’s father and we have been married for 22 years and have 3 daughters. I am glad Heartbeats is still around for my daughter now!"


Barb's Baby BoomBarb has had a baby boom among her clients!  Barb has been volunteering as a Client Consultant since 2009.  She does an excellent job of making connections with her clients by serving them and showing genuine interest in their lives.  Barb’s clients tend to faithfully continue meeting with her even after their babies are born.  Heartbeats recently added a curriculum of lessons for Toddlers so these moms and dad have lots to learn yet!

Rebekah and Timothy are a young married couple that we are so proud of!  They have been coming to Heartbeats from the time they found out they were expecting a baby.  We have been blessed to get to know them as they faithfully attended appointments preparing for the birth of their baby.  They are always so eager to learn and want to be great parents to precious daughter, Ariel who was born in June.  Rebekah and Timothy repeatedly express their appreciation for the support, education and help they have received at Heartbeats.  They have their share of challenges but have made tremendous steps in the right direction in the time we have known them.  As a result of the influence of Heartbeats, Rebekah and Timothy have found a church home where they are active and growing in their faith.  Bravo!

It was recently reported from one of our Receptionists that she overheard a client in the waiting room say, “It’s really pretty in here. I’d like to make my house look like this.”  What a great compliment!  Our desire is for our clients feel that they are “home” when they come to Heartbeats.  Thank you for your generous support that makes it possible to do this – you keep our lights on and people find refuge here everyday!

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