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Meet Our Staff and Board

Liz McCullough, Executive Director

Mark Linton, Advancement Manager

Erin Ness, Client Services Manager

Rebecca Gassman, Program Services Manager    

Angela Besse, Medical Services Manager

Teresa King CPA, Accounts Manager

Susan Hockenberry, Communications and Publications

Lisa Strausz, Receptionist

Melissa Santiago, Administrative Assistant

Jannie Wick, Nurse

Bethany Spray, Nurse

Jenna Linton, Nurse


Kim Cooper, Client Services Manager, Zanesville

Tess Davis, Program Services Manager, Zanesville

Dawn Yingling, Receptionist, Zanesville

Andrea McGlade, Nurse,  Zanesville


RUC Educators

Janice Adams, Program Manager

Stephen Burch

Abby Engeman

Jeff Hawkins

Natalie Sutyak



David Born, Medical Director
Rob Rodgers, President
Laurie Wells, Vice-President
John Marron, Secretary
Beth Atkinson, Treasurer

Matt Dole
Jessica Gosselin
Scott Hayes
Marti Hyslip
Pastor Doug Lynn
Joe Pozzuoli
Kathy Rohrer

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