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I look back and remember some of what I would consider the greatest challenges in my life and I recognize now that I was suffering needlessly in those seasons because there were things I didn’t realize.

I look back at having struggled with an old used car that would often leave me abandoned. I didn’t have the means to purchase a newer, more reliable vehicle so I was always dealing with one problem or another that kept me broke from expensive car repairs.

There are resources to help with pregnancy & parenting!

Much later I came to realize that there are many resources available to single moms who need help or financial assistance with car repairs. In that same season, my wardrobe was sparse. I had just enough clothes to get me through a work week, but I rarely had enough left in the budget to buy a much needed winter coat or other items that would have kept me and my daughter more comfortable. Later I realized that there are vouchers that I may have qualified for that would have allowed me to shop for free clothing at local consignment shops.

I also didn’t realize that there were pregnancy resource centers, some even being medical centers, like Heartbeats. People in the community who are compassionate and caring fund these centers because they want to see women and families thrive. I didn’t realize then that Heartbeats offers free and confidential pregnancy tests and free and confidential ultrasounds near me.

No medical insurance?

Having no medical insurance can make you think twice about going to the doctor, but places like Heartbeats can meet many needs a mom and family might have. Heartbeats offers diapers, baby wipes, and infant clothing at no cost through their services to the community helping many clients to not have to worry about these things.  I didn’t realize these free resources were available right here close to where I live. But now that I do, I will not hesitate to make Heartbeats part of my family’s provision and I’m proud that I’m now helping other women and families realize that Heartbeats is available to them too!

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For more assistance go to Option Line – Pregnancy Help Online – Home

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