The Holidays and Unplanned Pregnancy

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As excited as we all get about the holiday season, buying presents, stringing up the lights, and planning big meals for family and friends can equal major holiday stress.  If you recently found out that you are pregnant, the news may be taking your stress to another level.

Pregnancy can be a gift that some people long and hope for.  But for many women, it can also be unexpected.  Some women find that they are excited at the idea, but nervous and uncertain.  Others are adamant that they are NOT ready to be a parent. 

If you are worried or don’t know what step to take, we can help!  Know that even if you are worried about sharing the news with your family and friends, you are not alone.

Your options and how we can help:

  1. Parenting – we will help you by equipping both you and the baby’s father with resources through parenting classes and community referrals. When you attend our parenting classes, you will earn points to spend in our boutique on items such as diapers, wipes, clothing, hygiene items and more!
  2. Adoption – we will guide you through understanding the adoption process and if you determine it’s a choice you’d like to explore, connect you with a list of credible agencies to choose from. Did you know that even within adoption, you have options? You can be part of choosing a family and how much contact you would like to have. 
  3. Abortion – one of our Nurses will sit with you and explain the types of abortion and risks and procedures for your current stage of pregnancy.  We can also provide you with information about the importance of having an ultrasound to determine viability and how far along you are in the pregnancy before you make your decision.  You may qualify for an ultrasound in our offices or we can refer you to another provider.

Although the timing may not be what you imagined, there is still hope.  An unplanned pregnancy could turn out to be an unexpected gift this holiday.

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