What if I change my mind? Abortion Pill Reversal

Abortion Plans and Procedures

If you’ve just taken the abortion pill but are having regrets or second thoughts about your decision it may not be too late. 

The Abortion Pill Reversal

If you have taken the first abortion pill which blocks progesterone, the Abortion Pill Reversal treatment will increase progesterone, a natural hormone in a woman’s body that is necessary to nurture and sustain a pregnancy. The Abortion Pill Reversal is most effective if taken within the first 24 hours after taking the first pill – mifepristone, however reversals have been successful up to 72 hours so don’t delay in contacting the Abortion Pill Rescue Network.

The Abortion Pill Rescue Network is backed by over 1000 healthcare professionals ready to help women give their babies a second chance at life.

Women have successfully continued their pregnancies and given birth to healthy babies after reversal progesterone treatment was given under doctor’s care.   Any attempts to counteract the abortion pill should not be done without the assistance of a medical professional.  For more information go to:  www.abortionpillreversal.com or call 877-558-0333.

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